Your Adventure begins now:

If you are an international business owner working in the

food, tourism or language services industries,

you understand the importance of quality content and copy. 

The right words inspire action, turning curious observers into loyal customers. You need a dedicated writer working to improve the style and the substance of your brand. Read my work, and you will realize that I am that writer. 


This is an opportunity for both of us to begin working together, whether you are expanding your brand or launching your next business idea.

Come Join me!

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Who Am I?

I'm your guide on this journey to success. My name is Cullen Heater, a freelance writer, certified Spanish/English interpreter, and citizen of the world. I currently live and work in Panama City, Panamá writing content for the food, tourism, and language services industries.  

My own odyssey began in the food & agriculture industry. I have always aspired to become a food and travel writer, and I made a determined effort to work throughout the different links of the food chain: on sheep and goat farms in Barbados and Ireland, in various restaurants and food security nonprofits in Boston, and finally as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panamá focusing on sustainable agricultural systems.


 I am always looking for the next great adventure!

What Can I Do For You?

Communication is the key to building your brand. Whether you are looking for long-form content to build engagement, or effective copy that generates sales, I will deliver results. My words will establish a connection between your business and potential clients, gaining attention and generating enthusiasm for your ideas and projects.

Words matter; and when you are translating your ideas for the international market, you need the right words. I am committed to providing high-quality, faithful Spanish/English translations to ensure the success of your project. Language is not only a medium for communication, but also a key with which you can open a world of possibilities. 

When I begin a project, I am committed to seeing it through to completion. As a field interpreter, I believe that interpreting is fundamentally about bringing together people from different cultures and ensuring mutual understanding on an interpersonal level, replacing cultural barriers with global connections. 

Adventure Awaits... Are You Ready?

Let's get started on your next project! 

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