Who am I?


Cullen Heater | Writer & Content Marketing Strategist

Born in Boston, I set out to travel the world and learn as much as I could about food, culture, and how to tell a good story.


After working in the restaurant industry, I spent time on farms in Barbados and Ireland, and joined the Peace Corps as an agriculture volunteer in Panama from 2017-2019. I am currently based in Panama City, Panamá developing my skills and career as a writer.

Let's work together to effectively communicate your story.

Curriculum Vitae:


McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada                                                       September 2009-May 2014

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Psychology, Minor in Political Science                                    



        Introduction to Google SEO                                                                                           June 2022

        Google SEO Fundamentals                                                                                             June 2022

  • Harvard Business School Online                                                                                 

        CORe: Credential of Readiness                                                                           September 2020

        Spanish Proficiency Level: Advanced Medium                                                               May 2019

  • Language Connections, Boston, MA, USA                                                                                          Community & Business Interpreter Certification (Spanish/English)                  December 2019

        Immigration Interpreter Certification(Spanish/English)                                              June 2021


Native Future                                                                                                                 April 2022-present

Communications, Development, and Operations Manager:

  • Managed spring fundraiser, securing a total of $18,251.73 to combat the illegal logging of Indigenous land in Panama.

  • Planned and executed coordinated 3-month social media and content marketing strategy for Spring Fundraiser, including an article published in Yale Environment 360 online magazine, a 6-page newsletter, 6 email marketing blasts, 3 blogposts, 17 Linkedin posts, and 25 Facebook/Instagram posts.

  • Organically increased social media audience, growing Linkedin presence by 727.5% (310 followers) and Instagram following by 502% (500 followers) over 4 months.

  • Communicated with repeat and high-level donors to ensure donor acknowledgment and retention.


The Oxford School: Panama                                                                             February 2022-June 2022

High School Teacher, Global Perspectives & Research:

  • Developed annual plan adhering to the rigorous standards of the Cambridge International Curriculum’s Global Perspectives program, preparing 160 eleventh and twelfth grade students for AS and A level exams and fostering the development of critical thinking and research skills.

  • Guided students through the process of researching and writing 5,000 word research reports on issues of global importance, including the formulation of appropriate research questions, the investigation of reliable sources, and the analysis of different perspectives.

  • Acted as the faculty advisor to the student weekly newspaper, mentoring students with a passion for writing and copyediting as needed.


Intercambio Writing Services                                                                                 March 2020-present

Freelance Writer & Content Marketing Strategist:

  • Published article about the craft beer industry in Panama City, Panama in the online magazine Good Beer Hunting.

  • Published article about illegal deforestation in Indigenous territory in Panama in the online magazine Yale Environment 360.

  • Authored and managed “The Food Moves Blog”, an international food and travel blog featuring destinations in Panama and Colombia.

  • Developed social media marketing campaign for Water Engineers for the Americas and Africa (WEFTA), highlighting key achievements and impact of the organization.

  • Executed content marketing strategy for clients in the language services industry, writing 1,000-word articles highlighting the necessity for language services in various fields.


Peace Corps: Panamá                                                                                        July 2017-September 2019

Sustainable Agricultural Systems Extension Agent:

  • Implemented construction project to build a 50-meter bridge in coordination with the Non-Governmental Organization “Engineers without Borders”, acting as interpreter and community liaison, organizing workdays, resolving logistical complications, and ensuring that the project remained on-schedule for bridge completion in 2020.

  • Formed community business development group focused on agribusiness and traditional, hand-crafted artisan goods, introducing concepts of market analysis and diversification of products to 32 community members, yielding increased profitability and market access.

  • Advised 12 small-scale coffee farmers on best practices for sustainable agroforestry, investigating and implementing solutions to problems such as pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiency, planting over 500 coffee trees and increasing coffee production by 20%.

  • Trained 22 subsistence farmers in best practices and techniques for sustainable production of staple crops and facilitated hands-on training sessions in soil conservation, land preparation, and integrated pest management, resulting in a significant improvement in staple crop yield.


Additional Food Production and Restaurant Industry Experience:


Trillium Brewing Company                                                                                          May-August 2021

Brewery Assistant/ Lead Host:

  • Packaged and processed an average of 15,000 cans of beer per day, ensuring a high level of consistency and quality control.

  • Organized the barrel-aged program, cleaning, steaming and classifying over 500 barrels for both decoration and production. This role required extensive forklift operation.

  • Took charge of the host team for the restaurant opening, implementing organizational systems, and ensuring the smooth flow of daily operations for up to 2,500 guests per day.

  • Initiated Trillium’s beekeeping pilot program, managing beehives and planning for future expansion.


Eataly Boston                                                                                                      November 2016-June 2017

Head Mozzarella Maker:

  • Spearheaded the mozzarella program for the opening of Eataly Boston, producing and packaging 2,000 lbs. of mozzarella per week yielding $20,000 in weekly sales.

  • Managed daily operations in the public-facing mozzarella production kitchen, documenting production and distribution of mozzarella for retail and interdepartmental transfers.

  • Developed curriculum for monthly classes and demonstrations in conjunction with Eataly’s event coordinator, instructing classes of 20 people in the art of mozzarella-making.


Aran Islands Goat Cheese                                                                                      August-October 2016

Herdsman/ Cheesemaker:

  • Herded and milked flock of 100 dairy goats in the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland, managing dairy parlor and the sanitzation of milking machines.

  • Assisted in the weekly production of 1000 liters of fresh goat cheese, and the management of the cheese house, preparing and packaging cheese for retail and special events.


Harvest Restaurant                                                                                                   March 2015-July 2016

Assistant Manager:

  • Oversaw daily lunch service, supervising staff and undertaking fiscal responsibilities (e.g., management of a total of $15,000 cash-on-hand, remuneration of wait-staff, and organization of invoices).

  • Increased social media presence by 420% through Facebook and Instagram accounts, analyzing and targeting audience to attract private dining revenue.

  • Apprenticed under sommelier to organize wine cellar, recommend wine for private events ranging from $200 to $3,000 in wine costs, and place weekly wine orders of $6,500.


The Fresh Truck Food Market                                                                     September 2013-March 2015

Operations Manager:

  • Developed a 6-day, 18-location weekly schedule for non-profit mobile grocery store, soliciting input from and coordinating with community leaders.

  • Managed inventory and supply chain, sourcing, purchasing and processing weekly shipments of 2,500 to 5,000 lbs. of fruit and vegetables.

  • Carried out sales and customer service for daily operations and special events, averaging $500 in sales of fresh fruits and vegetables per day in low-income food deserts in the city of Boston, increasing access to healthy food and expanding community health initiatives.