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Bridge Construction Project (Boca de Cuiria, Coclé, Panamá)

Working on the Boca de Cuiria bridge construction project as a Peace Corps Volunteer and as an interpreter for Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter is undoubtedly the most important project that I have ever undertaken.


I want to express my deepest gratitude to the EWB team (Mr. Mitchell, Maddie Costelli Pettry, Adam "Dirt Road Trucker" Dial, Chris "Cristobal" Williams, Robert "Hurricane" Smith, Jason "The Sauce" Saucier, Maggie, Daniel, and Mark) for persevering despite all of the challenges that we faced, and seeing this project through to completion, to Victoria, the pioneering Peace Corps Volunteer who in collaboration with the community of Boca de Cuiria, prepared the application and paved the way for this project, and to Michael & Sarah who carried the torch. And, most importantly, I want to thank the community of Boca de Cuiria. There aren't many people who are lucky enough to see the beauty of that place, or feel the warmth of being welcomed into the community. The hard work and dedication that they put into building this bridge was truly inspirational. When they finally lift quarantine in the city, I will come back to the campo and thank all of you in person.   

Fundamentally, the role of the interpreter is to bring these two worlds together and to ensure mutual understanding on an interpersonal level. With effective cross-cultural communication, we can knock down barriers and build bridges, both literal and figurative, connecting people from different cultures and creating a global community.

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