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Fundraising Campaigns, Communications, and
Content Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits

Spring 2022 Aruza Fundraising Campaign .png

Native Future:


  • Total of $68,107.98 raised in first year.

    • $18,251.73 raised during Spring Fundraiser.

    • $49,856.25 raised during Year-End Fundraiser.

  • 1000% increase in Linkedin following, +450 organic followers in 12 months.

  • 1500% increase in Instagram following, +700 organic followers in 12 months. 

Spring Fundraising Campaign: "Stop the Invasion of Wounaan Lands."

  • Co-ordinated Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy.

  • 5-month Spring Fundraiser (April to August 2022).

  • Article published in Yale Environment 360 online magazine (see below).

  • 3 Blogposts, 24 Social Media Posts (Instagram/FB), 14 Linkedin Posts, 6 email marketing blasts (Mailchimp), 6-page newsletter

Year-End Fundraising Campaign: "Support Indigenous Conservation."

  • Social Media and Fundraising Strategy.

  • 5-week Year-End Fundraiser (November 29th to January 3rd).

  • 10 Blogposts, 12 Social Media Posts (Instagram/FB), 12 Linkedin Posts, 3 email marketing blasts (Mailchimp), 6-page newsletter.

Article Published at Yale Environment 360:


Panama's Indigenous Groups Wage

High-Tech Fight for Their Lands

By Jim O'Donnell and Cullen Heater


With help from U.S. organizations, Panama’s Indigenous people are using satellite images and other technologies to identify illegal logging and incursions by ranchers on their territory. But spotting the violations is the easy part — getting the government to act is far harder.

Read the full article at Yale Environment 360.

Social Media:
Check out my work on Native Future's Instagram

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Check out my work on Native Future's Linkedin

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WEFTA Social Media Project.png

WEFTA: Water Engineers for the Americas & Africa

Fundraising Campaign: "What would your life be like without water?"

  • 3-month Social Media Consultation (July-September 2021).

  • 24 social media posts with captions submitted for campaign managed by WEFTA social media manager.

Social Media Consultation:

14 Photo #1 Section A_ Intro.png
7 Text #1 Section A_ Intro.png
Water Engineer Tanzania.png

🚰You turn on the tap and the water flows... Ah... Safe, refreshing, clean water.💧

You don't question where it comes from, or how. You may not even think about it at all.

But what if it stopped? What if it weren't safe to drink?

What if your only water source were over 3 miles away?

What would your life be like without water?

Nearly 800 million people throughout the world lack access to safe drinking water.

Help us bring clean water to the world.

Visit and consider a donation today.

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