Language has always fascinated me; it is the code that we use to communicate with each other. But none of us gets to choose which culture we are born into or which language we learn from birth. It is only when we are older that we can choose to learn how other societies code their thoughts and transmit their feelings in their own languages.

Words matter; and when you are translating your ideas for the international market, you need the right words. I am committed to providing high-quality, faithful Spanish/English translations to ensure the success of your project. Language is not only a medium for communication, but also a key with which you can open a world of possibilities.

Sample Translations:

Public Health (COVID-19):

🇵🇦 Translated from the National Government of Panamá:


New Measures for Absolute Quarantine:

During the absolute quarantine, we have studied all possible models and alternatives to reduce the number of people in the streets as the same time while having the least possible effect on the lives of Panamanians.

In this phase of combat against the coronavirus, we need 15 days of maximum sheltering-in-place by the population in order to protect life and guarantee that our country moves forward. 


The simplest mechanism to reduce by at least half the amount of people in public, is to assign certain days for the movement of women and certain days for the movement of men. 


Maintaining the same scheme of the last number of your ID/Passport and the related schedules:

If you are a woman, you will be allowed to go out

✅ Monday

✅ Wednesday

✅ Friday

If you are a man, you will be allowed to go out

✅ Tuesday

✅ Thursday

✅ Saturday

🏠 Sundays: All at home

🇪🇸 Translated from The Ministry of Health, Spain:

Sharing messages on Social Media. Before sharing, put it in quarantine. Don't contribute to the spread of toxic messages because...

♦️ Not all information that we share is true, confirmed or useful.

♦️ Some messages can contribute to putting vulnerable people at risk.

To avoid the spread of false messages, before you share, answer these questions:

🔸 Do I know the persons or organization that has created that which I am going to share?

🔸 Will it be useful to the people who receive it?

🔸 Is it so important that I need to share it?

🔸 Will sharing it contribute to our ability to better endure this situation? 

🔸 Is it really trustworthy?


Government of Spain

Ministry of Health

🇵🇦 Translated from the Ministry of Public Safety, Panamá: 


The Public Force ensures the compliance of health measures and reiterates the call to stay at home.


The Public Force began its Saturday in various parts of the capital city to guarantee safety and ensure the compliance of health measures established by the Ministry of Health.


As an institution responsible for the life, dignity and well-being of our citizens, we would like to inform the public that the images and videos circulating on social media depicting our vehicles and units posted on Via España and patrolling Calle 50 are part of a strategic and operational mission.

The State will not permit violence; and, as a security institution, we guarantee the right of the State to law and order as established by the second pillar of the Action Plan for Uniting Forces.

Members of SENAN (the National Aeronaval Service), SenaFront (the National Border Service), and the SPI (Service for Institutional Protection) have united in the streets alongside the National Police to guarantee security and the compliance of the quarantine established by the government by executive decree to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Book Translation:

Los Cuatro Acuerdos // The Four Agreements:

I first read this book during my Peace Corps Service and I have thought about it probably twice per day every day since then. More than anything it is a sensible and practical philosophy about how to lead a conscious life. I plan on sharing more about the lessons I've learned from it with you as my website develops.

During the 6-month lockdown in Panama City, I have been practicing my manual translation skills using this book. I understand that one can just buy the English edition, or use machine translation, but re-reading it and translating the words by hand has helped to further cement the lessons that it has to teach me. Below I will share some excerpts from the original Spanish source text and my own translations into English.

Ruiz, Dr. Miguel. Los Cuatro Acuerdos. 19th edition, Urano Edicciones, 1998

Source Text (Spanish)

Target Text (English)

1. La domesticación y el sueño del planeta

Lo que ves y escuchas ahora mismo no es más que un sueño. En este mismo momento estás soñando. Sueñas con el cerebro despierto...

     Los seres humanos soñamos todo el tiempo. Antes de que naciésemos, aquellos que nos precedieron crearon un enorme sueño externo que llamaremos el sueño de la sociedad o el sueño del planeta. El sueño del planeta es un sueño colectivo hecho de miles de millones de sueños más pequeños, de sueños personales que, unidos, crean un sueño de una familia, un sueño de una comunidad, un sueño de un país, y finalmente, un sueño de toda la humanidad. El sueño del planeta incluye todas las reglas de la sociedad, sus creencias, sus leyes, sus religiones, sus diferentes culturas y maneras de ser, sus gobiernos, sus escuelas, sus acontecimientos sociales y sus celebraciones.


1. Domestication and the Dream of the Planet

That which you see and hear right now is no more than a dream. In this moment you are dreaming. You dream while your brain is awake...

     Human beings dream all the time. Before we were born, those that preceded us created an enormous external dream that we call society or “the dream of the planet.” This planet-wide dream is the collective illusion made up of billions of smaller dreams, of personal dreams that, together, create a dream of a family, a dream of a community, a dream of a city, a dream of a country and finally, a dream of all of humanity. The dream of the planet includes all of the rules of society, its beliefs, its laws, its religions, its different cultures and ways of being, its governments, its schools, its social events and its celebrations.

     En el sueño del planeta, a los seres humanos les resulta normal sufrir, vivir con miedo y crear dramas emocionales. El sueño externo no es un sueño placentero; es un sueño lleno de violencia, de miedo, de guerra, de injusticia. El sueño personal de los seres humanos varia, pero en conjuntos es una pesadilla. Si observamos la sociedad humana, comprobamos que es un lugar en el que resulta muy difícil vivir, porque está gobernado por el miedo. En el mundo entero, vemos sufrimiento, cólera, venganza, adicciones, violencia en las calles y una tremenda injusticia. Esto existe en diferentes niveles en los distintos países del mundo, pero el miedo controla el sueño externo.

     In the dream of the planet, it has become normal to suffer, to live with fear and to create emotional dramas. The external dream is not a pleasant dream; it is a dream filled with violence, with fear, with war and injustice. The personal dreams of human beings will vary, but together they are a nightmare. If we observe human society, we can see that it is a place in which it is very difficult to live because it is governed by fear. In the entire world, we see suffering, anger, vengeance, addictions, violence in the streets and tremendous injustice. This exists on different levels in the various countries of the world, but fear controls the external dream.

El preludio de un nuevo sueño 


Has establecido millares de acuerdos contigo mismo, con otras personas, con el sueño que es tu vida, con Dios, con la sociedad, con tus padres, con tu pareja, con tus hijos; pero los acuerdos más importantes son los que has hecho contigo mismo. En esos acuerdos te has dicho quién eres, qué sientes, qué crees y cómo debes comportarte...

     Un solo acuerdo no sería un gran problema, pero tenemos muchos acuerdos que nos hacen sufrir, que nos hacen fracasar en la vida. Si quieres vivir con alegría y satisfacción, debes hallar la valentía necesaria para romper esos acuerdos que se basan en el miedo y reclamar tu poder personal...

     Si somos capaces de reconocer que nuestra vida está gobernada por nuestros acuerdos y el sueño de nuestra vida no nos gusta, necesitamos cambiar los acuerdos. Cuando finalmente estemos dispuestos a cambiarlos, habrá cuatro acuerdos muy poderosos que nos ayudarán a romper aquellos otros que surgen del miedo y agota nuestra energía...

     Necesitas una gran voluntad para adoptar los Cuatro Acuerdos, pero si eres capaz de empezar a vivir con ellos, tu vida transformará de una manera asombrosa. Verás cómo el drama del infierno desaparece delante de tus mismos ojos. En lugar de vivir en el sueño del infierno, crearás un nuevo sueño: tu sueño personal del cielo.

The Prelude to a New Dream


You have established thousands of agreements with yourself, with others, with the dream of your life, with God, with Society, with your parents, with your partner, with your children; but the most important are the ones you have made with yourself. In these agreements, you have told yourself who you are, what you feel, what you believe and how you should behave...

     Just one agreement would not be a big problem, but we have many agreements that make us suffer, that make us fail in life. If you want to live with joy and satisfaction, you should summon all of the necessary courage to break those agreements that are based in fear and reclaim your personal power…

     If we are capable of recognizing that our life is governed by our agreements and we do not like the dream that is our life, then we need to change our agreements. When we are finally willing to change them, there will be four very powerful agreements that will help us to break those others that arise out of fear and exhaust our energy…

     You need great willpower to adopt these four agreements, but if you are capable of beginning to live with them, your life will change in an astonishing way. You’ll see how the dream of Hell disappears right in front of your own eyes. Instead of living in the Dream of Hell, you will create a new dream: your personal dream of Heaven.

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