Content & Copy:

Writing is everywhere, and understanding the crucial difference between content and copy is key to successfully executing your business and marketing strategy.


Content connects, copy closes.

Content brings people in, builds trust, and generates engagement. Your clients look forward to reading your blog or instagram posts and keep coming back for more. Long-form content is vital for building this relationship and proving you have something of value to offer.

Copy is the distillation of that enthusiasm into irresistible bite-sized pieces that encourage action.

Your business needs both; And you need a dedicated writer to improve the substance and style of your brand. Read my work and you will realize that I am that writer.

Published Work:

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GIM Content Management:

Driving results, one line at a time

"The role of the interpreter is to bring two worlds together in mutual understanding. With effective cross-cultural communication, we can knock down barriers and build bridges, both literally and figuratively, connecting people from different cultures and creating a global community..."

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  • "How to Help Effectively: Addressing the Language and Literacy Gaps in

Humanitarian Aid & Development" 

"In order to help those in need, we must be able to communicate with them. How can we possibly begin to find the solutions to complex problems if we cannot even ask the simple questions? Effective communication is the first and most important step to guarantee the success of humanitarian relief and development efforts..."

Read the full article on October 15th, 2020 on GIM Content Management's Traveling Linguaphile Blog

Writing Sample:

(Spanish version below)

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