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Driving results, one line at a time

"The role of the interpreter is to bring two worlds together in mutual understanding. With effective cross-cultural communication, we can knock down barriers and build bridges, both literally and figuratively, connecting people from different cultures and creating a global community..."

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How to Help Effectively:

Addressing the Language and Literacy Gaps in

Humanitarian Aid & International Development

"In order to help those in need, we must be able to communicate with them. How can we possibly begin to find the solutions to complex problems if we cannot even ask the simple questions? Effective communication is the first and most important step to guarantee the success of humanitarian relief and development efforts..."

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Empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities:

Effective ASL Communication for a More Inclusive Society 

“The soup of the day is a French Onion Soup, and the chef’s special is Steak Tartare. How does that sound to you, ma’am?” The waiter locked eyes with my mother, who had been nodding along absent-mindedly. The spotlight was on her now, and her smile faded. “What?” She replied, “Oh, don’t worry, someone will have to explain it to me.” She replied.


My mother is almost completely deaf due to Meniere’s Disease, an imbalance of fluid in the inner ear that causes hearing loss and vertigo. She gets by with the help of hearing aids and lip reading. She can understand the tones of some people’s voices, but some are out of her audible range, like my sister's when she gets really upset. My mother is one of the millions of Americans affected by severe hearing loss and she often finds herself in situations like this.

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Language Training for International Diplomacy and Business:

The Essential Element for Effective Communication

"The languages that we learn are more than just means of communication. Using only words, diplomats can start a war or end a hostage negotiation. Business leaders can create their vision of the world and persuade their counterparts across the boardroom table to invest in it. The Diplo Foundation, a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland, writes that this understanding of language as action, known as the Speech Act Theory, “is significant for diplomacy, since it confirms that diplomatic interventions and communications are not just a means to an end, but may be ends in themselves.”

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Community & Business Interpreter:


Field Interpreting:

Peace Corps/ Engineers Without Borders (Panamá)


Working on the Boca de Cuiria bridge construction project as a Peace Corps Volunteer and as an interpreter for Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter is undoubtedly the most important project that I have ever undertaken.  

Fundamentally, the role of the interpreter is to bring these two worlds together and to ensure mutual understanding on an interpersonal level. With effective cross-cultural communication, we can knock down barriers and build bridges, both literal and figurative, connecting people from different cultures and creating a global community.

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"Bridging the Interpersonal Gap: The Education of a Field Interpreter"

GIM Writing Services, Sept. 1, 2020


Words matter; and when you are translating your ideas for the international market, you need the right words. In emergency situations, an accurate translation can mean the difference between life and death. In business, translation errors can lead to the loss of a contract, or the failure of a project. I am committed to providing high-quality, faithful Spanish/English translations to ensure the success of your project. Language is not only a medium for communication, but also a key with which you can open a world of possibilities.

Sample Translations

Public Health (COVID-19):

🇵🇦 Translated from the National Government of Panamá:


New Measures for Absolute Quarantine:

During the absolute quarantine, we have studied all possible models and alternatives to reduce the number of people in the streets as the same time while having the least possible effect on the lives of Panamanians.

In this phase of combat against the coronavirus, we need 15 days of maximum sheltering-in-place by the population in order to protect life and guarantee that our country moves forward. 


The simplest mechanism to reduce by at least half the amount of people in public, is to assign certain days for the movement of women and certain days for the movement of men. 


Maintaining the same scheme of the last number of your ID/Passport and the related schedules:

If you are a woman, you will be allowed to go out

✅ Monday

✅ Wednesday

✅ Friday

If you are a man, you will be allowed to go out

✅ Tuesday

✅ Thursday

✅ Saturday

🏠 Sundays: All at home

🇪🇸 Translated from The Ministry of Health, Spain:

Sharing messages on Social Media. Before sharing, put it in quarantine. Don't contribute to the spread of toxic messages because...

♦️ Not all information that we share is true, confirmed or useful.

♦️ Some messages can contribute to putting vulnerable people at risk.

To avoid the spread of false messages, before you share, answer these questions:

🔸 Do I know the persons or organization that has created that which I am going to share?

🔸 Will it be useful to the people who receive it?

🔸 Is it so important that I need to share it?

🔸 Will sharing it contribute to our ability to better endure this situation? 

🔸 Is it really trustworthy?


Government of Spain

Ministry of Health

🇵🇦 Translated from the Ministry of Public Safety, Panamá: 


The Public Force ensures the compliance of health measures and reiterates the call to stay at home.


The Public Force began its Saturday in various parts of the capital city to guarantee safety and ensure the compliance of health measures established by the Ministry of Health.


As an institution responsible for the life, dignity and well-being of our citizens, we would like to inform the public that the images and videos circulating on social media depicting our vehicles and units posted on Via España and patrolling Calle 50 are part of a strategic and operational mission.

The State will not permit violence; and, as a security institution, we guarantee the right of the State to law and order as established by the second pillar of the Action Plan for Uniting Forces.

Members of SENAN (the National Aeronaval Service), SenaFront (the National Border Service), and the SPI (Service for Institutional Protection) have united in the streets alongside the National Police to guarantee security and the compliance of the quarantine established by the government by executive decree to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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